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3D打印UNIQ- production 3D 打印水龙头

2020-12-02  2330


Ever since metal 3D printing became sufficiently cost-effective to be used for certain luxury goods, designer faucets have attracted the interest of designers and metal 3D printer service providers. A few attempts have been made at commercialization but mostly they have remained an exercise in style. This is where the new UNIQ-Ǝ! steps in, combining nearly thirty years of experience in the sanitary fittings industry with the new design possibilities offered by metal additive manufacturing.

该倡议是SOSITALIA总裁Giovanni Pitturru先生的创意,这家公司在意大利北部水龙头行业的心脏地带已有26年的历史了。 Pitturru先生不断努力,始终领先于竞争对手,这使他着迷于3D打印技术,了解AM如何破坏许多不同的行业,从假肢到航空航天的基本结构设计,甚至到制造运动鞋或服装。 Pitturru说:“通过宣布实现以前通过传统生产无法实现的所有目标,这种'思考,打印'的概念似乎实在太好了。”

The initiative is the brainchild of Mr. Giovanni Pitturru, President of SOSITALIA, a firm that has been around for over 26 years in the heart of the faucet industry of Northern Italy. Mr. Pitturru’s ongoing efforts to always stay one step ahead of competitors, led him to become fascinated with 3D printing technology, learning how AM is disrupting many different industries, from prosthetics to fundamental structural design in aerospace to even making sports shoes or clothing. “This ‘think it, we print it’ concept seems too good to be true, by proclaiming to achieve everything that was previously unachievable through traditional production,” Pitturru says.


Once Pitturru learned about the possibility of using SLM for metal 3D printing, he contacted the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano for a collaboration targeted at confirming what he was thinking: metal 3D faucet production.


AM production flowing

但是,将AM应用于水龙头生产与制作原型和展示模型并不相同。 Pitturru解释说:“当然,怪异的设计几乎都是可以实现的,但是由于水龙头是一种消费产品,要克服许多困难。” “我们必须确保水龙头的材料符合饮用水和烹饪的国际标准,并确保特定的设计不会干扰水龙头的功能。

However, applying AM to faucet production is not the same as making prototypes and display models. “Sure, the bizarre designs are all mostly achievable, but there are numerous difficulties to overcome seeing as the faucet is a consumer product,” Pitturru explains. “We had to ensure the material of the faucet met International standards for drinking water and for cooking, as well as guarantee a specific design wouldn’t disturb the faucet’s functionality.

华丽的UNIQ-Ǝ!水龙头是数字化设计的,当然,它们是使用台式立体光刻3D打印制作的原型。最终零件可以采用广泛的纯材料进行3D打印,这可以为每个项目带来价值和独特性:这些材料包括AISI 316L不锈钢,EN 1.4404不锈钢,铜和铜合金,钛和钛合金,甚至贵金属如银,金和钯。

The gorgeous UNIQ-Ǝ! faucets are designed digitally and of course, they prototyped using desktop stereolithography 3D printing. The final parts can be 3D printed in a wide range of pure materials which can contribute to the value and exclusivity of each project: these include stainless steel AISI 316L, EN 1.4404, copper and copper alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, and even precious metals such as silver, gold and palladium.

“我们必须面对的最大挑战是完成加工,因此是在印刷金属水龙头之后进行所有的后处理。 Pitturru继续。 “ Faucets一直被视为浴室和厨房中光滑,有光泽的金属器具。除了1980年代的色彩外,对于大多数国际客户来说,镀铬还是主要的表面处理要求。

“The biggest challenge we had to face was the finishing and therefore all the post-processing after printing the metal faucets. Pitturru continues. “Faucets have always been seen as a smooth, shiny, metal appliance in bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from a 1980s touch of color, chrome plating has dominated the finish request for most international clients.

由于铬和镍都可能是对健康和环境有害的元素,因此目前在全球范围内对目前应用的镀铬系统(包括使用镍)进行了严格的监管。 UNIQ-Ǝ!团队决定通过不使用镀铬和镀金的电镀处理来传递强烈的信息并为环境保护做出贡献。

The currently applied chrome plating system, which includes the use of nickel, is now being strictly regulated worldwide because both chrome and nickel can be harmful elements for both health and the environment. The UNIQ-Ǝ! team decided to deliver a strong message and a contribution to environmental protection by not using the electro galvanic treatments typical of chrome and gold plating.


After four years of research, trial and error, in close support and collaboration with professors and students from the Politecnico, the team finally made a breakthrough in realizing how fundamental the AM post-process. They found a way to successfully finish the faucets using the latest technologies in PVD (physical vapor disposition) or DLC (diamond-like carbon), which further upholds the sustainable nature of this high-tech production through zero emissions of dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. Even the workers operate in a safer and healthier environment during production.


A new market on the horizon

在法兰克福举行的ISH 2019展览会上展示了我们的产品之后(以及最近在2020年11月9日至14日在迪拜市中心设计展上展示了我们的产品),Pitturru意识到这项业务有一个市场,而不仅仅是他一个人设计。他决定要启动UNIQ-Ǝ!为希望设计自己的水龙头而不需要购买现有水龙头的服务设计师,建筑师和创新者提供品牌。随着技术的日益普及,定制化越来越有吸引力。

After presenting our products at the ISH 2019 fair in Frankfurt (and more recently at Downtown Design Dubai from 9 to 14 November 2020), Pitturru realized that there was a market for this business, just not one designed by him alone. He decided that he was going to start-up the UNIQ-Ǝ! brand to service designers, architects and innovators that want to design their own faucet, instead of having to purchase what was already available. As the technologies become increasingly available, customization is becoming increasingly appealing.


Designers, architects, interior designers and innovators are all already having a field day with less limitations to producing their designs and we can finally say that we have the know-how to meet those requirements in bathroom and kitchen faucets, even as a one-piece production.

Pitturru说:“我所展示的只是我们内部设计的水龙头,或者是Giorgia Galimberti设计的水龙头。” “随着这个新的3D行业的技术诞生和发展,她进入了一个全新的设计师类别。”

“The pieces that I am showing are only a selection of faucets that we designed internally, or that Giorgia Galimberti designed,” Pitturru says. “She is in a completely brand new category of designers, evolving with the technological birth and development of this new 3D industry.”

Pitturru澄清说:“我们不是设计师。” “如果我们能够将'刷牙洗脸'的水龙头变成定制的浴室设备,通过匹配领域中的其他配件来表明个性化–通过在其名称上刻上名称来认可设计它的人 水龙头–好的,这将彻底改变卫浴配件行业。”

“We are not designers,” Pitturru clarifies. “If we can turn our ‘brush-your-teeth-wash-your-face’ faucet into custom-made bathroom appliances that indicate personalization by matching other accessories in the domain – giving recognition to the person who designed it by engraving their name on the faucet – well, that will completely revolutionize the sanitary fittings industry.”


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